About Voting


Want to know more about the voting process? 

Voting began on Wednesday 18 October.

How do I vote?

If you are over 18 years of age, log in or register as a YourSAy member, and then choose your location by dropping a pin on the map, or typing in your street address. Once you have chosen your location, you will be able to see projects that you can add to your shortlist.

You can only add projects to your shortlist that are within your selected neighbourhood. See WHICH PROJECTS CAN I VOTE FOR? below for the voting rules.

You can add as many ideas as you like to your shortlist before you decide which projects to vote for. To submit your vote, choose a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) ideas, then click the green Vote Now button. If you have more than five ideas in your shortlist you’ll need to remove some until you meet the requirements to have a minimum of three and a maximum of five.

Voting in Fund My Neighbourhood can only be done online on the Fund My Neighbourhood website and requires verification via your mobile phone.  When you log in or register we will send a four-digit code to your mobile.  Enter this code on the website and you can start voting.

If you do not have access to the internet, your local library, or a friend or family member may be able to help you create an email account and vote for ideas in your neighbourhood.

Which projects can I vote for?

You can only vote for ideas that are within your selected neighbourhood. The voting is not state-wide. The aim of the Fund My Neighbourhood program is for local people and communities to decide how to improve their local neighbourhood.

You can choose between three and five projects within a radius of five (5) kilometres calculated from your chosen location (where you dropped your pin or entered your address). 

This radius shows you the projects that you can choose from and you can add any of these projects to your shortlist.

A minimum number of projects (30) will be available for you to choose from and add to your shortlist.

If the 5-kilometre radius doesn’t include a minimum of 30 projects, the online voting tool will automatically expand to include the closest 30 projects to your chosen location. For example, if you live in regional South Australia, you may see a much larger radius to ensure you can create your shortlist from a minimum of 30 projects.

Although you can add as many projects as you like to your shortlist, in order to submit your vote, your final selection needs to include a minimum of three and a maximum of five ideas in total.

You can only vote once.

Why can I only vote for projects near me?

We want to find out which projects you and your local community support in your neighbourhood.

If there are projects outside of your selected neighbourhood that you think deserve funding, speak to your friends and family who live nearby these projects and encourage them to get involved and vote for great neighbourhood improvement projects near them.

I’ve picked the wrong location – how do I change it?

Once you have chosen your location and started adding projects, you won’t be able to change your location without resetting your shortlist.

If you have picked the wrong location, for example, your work address instead of your home address, you can change your location on your shortlist page.

It’s important to be aware that changing your location will change the projects that you are able to vote on, therefore your shortlisted projects will be reset and you will need to begin shortlisting again once you have set your new location.

How long is voting open for?

Voting opens on Wednesday 18 October and closes at 5:00pm on Monday 20 November.

How do I register as a YourSAy member?

To register for YourSAy, click here. You will need to provide details such as your name, email, mobile number and postcode in order to participate in Fund My Neighbourhood.

Why do I have to register as a YourSAy member?

Everyone who has internet access is able to browse the Fund My Neighbourhood website. However, if you would like to participate in voting, commenting or submitting an idea, you need to register as a YourSAy member.

Registering as a member ensures that we can verify accounts, and helps us determine that real people are signing up to participate on YourSAy and Fund My Neighbourhood. This also assists in providing a fair process for everyone involved, from real people submitting project ideas to ensuring that voting is fair and each person gets one vote only. 

Why do I have to verify my YourSAy account via SMS?

Verifying accounts via SMS helps us determine that real people are signing up to take part in Fund My Neighbourhood.

Why can I only vote online?

The Fund My Neighbourhood program is an online process. This in part helps us ensure the integrity of the voting process because we can verify the votes and enable a large number of people to participate in decision-making in a cost-effective way. Using a combination of the email registration and SMS verification allows us to verify that real people are taking part.

We acknowledge that not everyone has easy access to the internet. Your local library can provide access to the internet and assist with the use of computers. Your local library may also run free digital and online classes that help people become familiar with email addresses and the internet.