Tregarthen Transformed: Cleland, Summertown, Uraidla and the hills connected!

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Re-fence upper courts, install play/ exercise equipment with secure fencing.


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Suggested by Lauren

Sponsored by Summertown Community Centre Inc



Tregarthen playground is located within the vibrant streetscape linking Cleland, Summertown and Uraidla, a unique Adelaide Hills jewel with incredible proximity to the city – being transformed through grassroots community investment benefitting the masses. Unlike many other Hills sporting facilities, Tregarthen is kept UNLOCKED, providing enormous accessibility to 10,000’s of locals and visitors, even the koalas! Sadly though, the old rusted fencing at the reserve badly needs replacement and the after-dark lighting is appalling. The IDEA: make the facility SAFE and APPEALING with new fencing, child-safe gates, lighting, new centrepiece play equipment, kids party-table and an artistic welcome sign.

The Adelaide Hills Council continues to work collaboratively with the Summertown Community Centre Inc and is supportive of the proposed project. Should this project be successful in the community voting stage, the project scope may need to be refined as part of a detailed design and consultation process.


349 votes received

Project details

Suggested by Lauren

Sponsored by Summertown Community Centre Inc




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17 Nov 2017

This site is not easy to operate and people will give up. Therefore you won't get a fair vote.

Government Agency

Fund My Neighbourhood Moderator > KEYSHA ERRINGTON

17 Nov 2017

Hi Keysha, we'd like to help you with your feedback about the Fund My Neighbourhood website. Please call us on 1800 791 384 if you would like to tell us more about your concerns.

David Trengove

15 Nov 2017

With the improvements suggested making the playground child safe and encouraging nature play this would make it a great place to visit with our disabled daughter. A real asset to the community, Well done to the team making this happen.

Jen Thomas

14 Nov 2017

Great initiative!

Max Schultz

13 Nov 2017

I was a child when Tregarthen Reserve was donated and established with great effort by members of the local community, including my family. I have returned to the district and pass it almost daily noticing how much use it has by sporting Clubs and families out for picnics, as well as locals just taking their children there to play. It is a treasure that needs to be valued and supported.

rachel sanders

10 Nov 2017

what about gym equipment in playground. ive written to AHC 2 years ago... to no avail.

Lilly Zdansky Cottle

09 Nov 2017

Thank you Lauren for taking the initiative, great idea!

Amanda Harvey

09 Nov 2017

Great idea, look forward to using the new facilities

Peter Vandepeer

06 Nov 2017

Tregarthen Reserve has been a focal point for about 100 years and still supports young families by providing a meeting place, sporting activities and has special significance as a place to celebrate Christmas with hymns. The lighting allows use during the night hours along with much participation during the daylight.
The reserve is also used by visitors for picnics, bbq's and family outings.

Mark Elbourne

05 Nov 2017

Great idea as this park is very well used by the community!

Sam Page

05 Nov 2017

Can't wait to see this park improve! It is so enjoyed by the local community and those visiting the hills

Henry Fortunatow

03 Nov 2017

Excellent idea! Can't wait to see the improvements!

Valerie Bonython

03 Nov 2017

Valerie Bonython This Reserve has been important to this community for almost a century. Most of the work previously achieved has been done by the contributions of the community fund raisers. As the population has changed and increased the need for additional funds to provide more amenities has become necessary. Tourist Buses use this Reserve as a rest stop for the Seniors Day Trips through the Hills.

John Venus

26 Oct 2017

Tregarthen reserve is a very popular place for not just locals but people travelling through on the scenic hills routes to picnic or take a toilet stop or for children to use the playground. It is also a major sporting centre for the local community.

Ben Hopkins

24 Oct 2017

Tregarthen Reserve is a hive of activity throughout the year, with hundreds of people gathering each week to play netball and tennis but also to simply spend time in community. The reserve's BBQs and toilets are regularly visited by people from outside the district as they travel to and from the Hills via Greenhill and Tregarthen Roads. Enhancement of this great community resource will increase opportunities for connection among local people and visitors alike.

Peter Hogan

22 Oct 2017

My family and I fully support this proposal. The Summertown Tennis in 2017 has over 100 players, for the first time in its history. Combined with the netball club, that represents enormous patronage of Tregarthen Reserve, just from the local sporting clubs. Add broader utilization from local community and usage from passers by (it sits on Greenhill Road, the main Eastern arterial into the hills from Adelaide) and its popularity becomes obvious. It is a great thing to have it unlocked and accessible to all and more secure fencing and child safe gates will guarantee even greater patronage from the general public!

Saibeth Walls

21 Oct 2017

The Tregarthen Reserve is located in a fantastic spot with great accessibility from the local area and passing traffic. It is already heavily used by local sporting clubs who have done a fabulous job in keeping it as appealing as possible. The local area is transforming around it, with the recent remodelling of the local hotel and opening of excellent cafes and restaurants, time to transform Tregarthen Reserve too!

Samuel Foreman

20 Oct 2017

This is an excellent investment into a very popular and functional community space. It will lead to greater safety, participation in physical exercise, interest from visitors. We can't wait to see Tregarthen Transformed!

Emily Daw

20 Oct 2017

This area is a real community hub due to the vibrant netball and Tennis clubs with a broad membership of local families. The playground, Park, facilities and court are used by the whole local community and those who are just passing by. Access is maximised by bus services and main roads. The facilities are in serious need of an upgrade so that our community and those further afield can gain even better benefits from Tregarthen reserve.

Byron Riessen

19 Oct 2017

I think this project has the potential to positively affect thousands of locals and visitors, to encourage more to experience the vibrant beautiful streetscape linking Cleland, Summertown, Uraidla & neighbouring villages and to help drive sustainability for all those wonderful local businesses and community groups who have invested so much in this neck of the woods. Fingers crossed!