Brighton Surf Club Patrol Tower

Patrol tower 7 sept 2017

Patrol Tower at Brighton Beach.


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Suggested by Kathryn

Sponsored by Brighton Surf Life Saving Club



Safety on our beach is our main objective. During the 2016/2017 season we had over 300 shark sightings @ Brighton. For many years our patrols have been on the beach and the Patrol Tower will enable our members a greater view of the beach and incidents that are happening. Also provides our members cover during inclement weather conditions. The cost of this project is $170,000 and The City of Holdfast Bay have pledged funding of $60,000. BSLC need to fund $90,000.


163 votes received

Project details

Suggested by Kathryn

Sponsored by Brighton Surf Life Saving Club




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Robyn Quinn

14 Nov 2017

ugly visual clutter

Mark Clarke

13 Nov 2017

Very important project that will enable the surf club to a safer beach for the community.

Adam Kromkamp

12 Nov 2017

As a local frequent user of this beautiful beach and a former pool life guard, i dont see that building structures like this on the beach is necessary. There is large jetty why can this not be utilised to moniter swimmers during busy periods ? I just dont like to see development on natural public environments, as it takes away its natural beauty and i don't think it's necessary. Cheers

Nick Wood

01 Nov 2017

An important and essential project for Brighton beach - one of the most popular beaches on the metro coast without a patrol tower like neighbouring beaches. Shark spotting from planes is effective but it only covers this popular spot for a matter of seconds during a couple of fly overs a day. A patrol tower would provide constant safety throughout the day and keep swimmers in clearer view too. It's a no brainer.

Billy Jackson

28 Oct 2017

Great project to get behind 😎
Spotter planes and helicopters already provide aerial surveillance, this project would help life savers to help us if needed .

trish bate

27 Oct 2017

I believe sharks are much more effectively viewed from planes; if the evidence supports this than funding should go to extend the plane patrol rather than this development.

greg mccloud > trish bate

03 Nov 2017

not too sure you understand the concept of surveillance - more importantly to view swimmers, beach goers, lost children, water craft users and even yachts in distress, not just spot sharks.
The tower will help the life savers become the first line of safety with an elevated view from an enclosed all weather facility. a great concept.

Ben Hurst

25 Oct 2017

Great initiative 👍🏾

David Wittwer

25 Oct 2017

Highest priority to keep beaches safe and volunteers comfortable

Barbara Staite

24 Oct 2017

Many other Surf Clubs have these iconic towers all round Australia. It's time Brighton provided these facilities so patrolling members are better able to help members of the public.

Virginia Summers

21 Oct 2017

Well deserved project.


20 Oct 2017

It is difficult to believe Brighton Surf LIFE SAVING Club has NO Patrol Tower. Our beach is regularly used by large numbers of visitors from near and far. I have seen their lifesavers freeze and be blown to bits during bad weather when they are still required to be on patrol. They huddle under blankets sitting up on the council bard-walk. For shame.....

Project Owner

Kathryn Casey

19 Oct 2017

We need 5,000 votes. So please share with family & friends to vote for the Brighton Patrol Tower.