Terms and Conditions

Submission phase:

By submitting an idea (also referred to as a project) I agree and acknowledge that:

  1. The program is a democratic process in which the community decides how public funds are spent.
  2. Individuals, organisations and the project for which funding is sought must meet the requirements set out in the Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions and other program documentation.
  3. Individuals may submit an idea, however, for the idea to progress to the community voting, the project must be sponsored by an eligible organisation.
  4. Organisations may participate but must have a local resident who supports the idea and resides in the neighbourhood in which the idea is proposed. The resident must submit the application on the organisation's behalf.
  5. To be eligible, an organisation (such as a local council) must have the capacity to deliver and manage the project for which funding is sought, including meeting all reporting requirements. Its board of management, responsible officer or equivalent must have approved the project prior to lodgement. In the case of public schools the Principal of the school and the Chair of the Governing Council.
  6. Projects which are already included in local councils’ forward plans are able to be considered through this process. However, projects must not be already accounted for in a council’s 2017/18 budget statement.
  7. Projects on land that is not owned by the organisation may need to provide evidence that the land owner approved the project by submitting a signed Land Owner Consent Form (DOC). 
  8. Funds will only be transferred to eligible organisations, not individuals.
  9. Residents can only vote for projects in the neighbourhood in which they reside.
  10. Projects must be able to be delivered within 12 months of signing the funding agreement.
  11. Funding is once-off only – ongoing operational and maintenance costs must be covered by the responsible organisation.
  12. Information provided in the idea submission and/or follow-up with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC):
    1. will be made available to members of the public to facilitate the community assessment;
    2. may be provided to relevant government agencies and organisations where necessary to determine whether the project is feasible, viable and that appropriate approvals have been obtained;
    3. will be published on fundmyneighbourhood.sa.gov.au or other South Australian Government agency websites or publications; and
    4. may be used for promotional activities.
  13. You must have permission to use the image attached to your application and must not violate copyright in using the image.
  14. Information supplied in applications must be accurate and, if the project is selected for funding, will be used to form the basis of a grant agreement.
  15. The South Australian Government reserves the right to exclude suggested projects if the proposed project is not consistent with South Australian Government policy or practice, e.g. if the project inadvertently puts individuals at risk.
  16. Project proposals will be subject to usual local and State Government approvals and processes if necessary (e.g. development approvals, additional localised consultation).

Voting phase:

  1. Residents can only vote for projects in the neighbourhood in which they reside.
  2. Residents can only vote once.
  3. Residents must be 18 years or older to vote.
  4. The South Australian Government reserves the right to disqualify projects if it is deemed that any person/organisation affiliated with the project has tampered with the integrity of the voting system.