South Australia is a large state. Our population of 1.7 million live right across it, from the southern tip to the far north-west corner, and everywhere in between.

One-off grants of between $10,000 and $150,000 are available for projects as diverse as small local infrastructure upgrades through to initiatives that strengthen neighbourhood cohesion.

To promote an equitable distribution of the program’s funding, the funding has been distributed across 15 regions, with funding allocated on a per person basis using 2016 ABS census data. Each region’s funding allocation is based on how many people live there.

Metropolitan Adelaide has been divided into four regions, based on the existing metropolitan South Australian Government regions – Northern Adelaide, Eastern Adelaide, Southern Adelaide and Western Adelaide. Regional South Australia has been divided into eleven areas.

The metropolitan areas will receive an average of about $3.8 million each and the regional areas an average of $420,000 each. The difference in funding amounts per area is due to population density (the number of people that live in each region).